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JH2O Project Expands

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The 2014 class of Leadership Jackson Hole, Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling and Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation Department announced today that the JH2O Project will continue its achievements under the management of the Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling (ISWR) and Teton County/Jackson Parks & Recreation Department, both of which were formerly the project’s primary partners. 

Launched last spring by the 2014 class of Leadership Jackson Hole, the project began as an initiative to bring water bottle filling stations to downtown Jackson, WY. With public-private support from local government, businesses, organizations and individuals, the JH2O Project successfully installed 5 water bottle filling stations by October 2014 in prominent public locations along with informational signage and a website.  

Since the completion of the 2014 project, several new opportunities for water bottle filling stations have been brought to the attention of the JH2O Project. These include 3 indoor stations at St. John’s Medical Center (in partnership with the Teton Hospital District d/b/a St. John’s Medical Center), one outdoor station at the “Village Commons” at Teton Village (in partnership with the Teton Village Association, a Wyoming Improvement and Service District) and one mobile unit for use at local events such as the Jackson Hole People’s Market, and JacksonHoleLive concerts. These proposed new locations are high-visibility, high-use areas associated with businesses and organizations committed to sustainability and align with the JH2O Project’s goals. 

In light of this continued interest in expansion, the JH2O Project sustained its fundraising efforts. On March 7, 2015, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort sponsored an Eco-Apres event with all proceeds directed at the JH2O Project. Following this, on March 17, 2015 the project received approval from the Teton County Board of Commissioners for a $2,000 grant from Teton County’s Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling’s RRR Program. The project was also awarded a Community Foundation Youth Philanthropy grant in the amount of $1,500. 

The JH2O mobile unit was constructed just in time for the Contour Music Festival and provided attendees with water bottle refilling opportunity, helping limit dependence on bottled … Continue Reading

Turley’s Last Meeting

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Melissa Turley. CREDIT: David J SwiftWhen the gavel drops at the end of the county commission meeting tonight it will Melissa’s Turley’s last one. The Chairwoman of the council is expected to formally resign and submit her official paperwork to do so.

The next official act taken by the commission is a notification of a vacancy to the Democratic Party. The clock can start ticking at any time within a 20 day window, As soon as the vacancy is declared, the Democrats have 20 days to present a slate of three potential replacements to the commission for them to choose from within 20 days.

The replacement shall serve until the first Monday in January, 2017.


Public Tries to Roadblock Tribal Trails/Leaders Won’t Stick it in “R”

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Dozens of residents came out to ask the Town Council and County Commission to remove the possibility of the Tribal Trails connecter of being built. The connector has long been proposed to connect parts of South Park to Highway 22.

Instead, citizens spoke to the need of fixing the “Y” intersection at Highway 89 and Highway 22.

While the Integrated Transportation Plan is a document that covers a vast number of items, conversations focused on the controversial Tribal Trails, even after elected indicated they were not ready to adopt the plan as presented.

Residents expressed safety concerns, traffic congestion and a degradation of community character as reasons to deny the roadway.

Town Councilman Jim Stanford scolded the audience by asking how many in had ridden the start bus or ridden a bike, saying that there was only on bike in the rack.


Commissioner Vogelheim said he favored more outreach but didn’t want to take anything off the table. He asked staff to come up with some plans to see what Tribal Trails might look like.

Hailey Morton Levinson said she was not interested in removing Tribal Trails from the discussion.

Smokey Rhea said we didn’t get the word out and we need more public input noting that it was so expensive to advertise in the newspaper. She too, said that Tribal Trails needed to stay on the table.

The boards voted not to remove the possibility of Tribal Trails, but also asked for at least for two more public meetings and other staff input.

Neighbors To Circle Wagons on Tribal Trails

July 6, 2015 Uncategorized No Comments

The Integrated Transportation Plan comes before

the public today. While planners are advising the elected officials to take public comment and move approval to a future date, a large crowd is expected to argue for the removal of Tribal Trails connecter road.

The road, which was platted years ago, was designed to allow traffic from highway 22 to the ever-growing southern part of Teton County. Now many neighbors of the approved roadway argue that it would create safety problems.

A group of residents has formed and has placed large amounts of adverting in the newspapers to encourage people to attend the meeting and oppose the road.

The meeting is at 2 at the County building.



Refuge Bison Permits for 2015

July 6, 2015 Uncategorized No Comments

Refuge Manager Steve Kallin has announced the July dates for licensed bison hunters to apply for a National Elk Refuge bison permit for the 2015 season.

Hunters must already have a Wyoming state bison license, issued by the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, to apply for a Refuge bison permit. Individuals who have not already applied and been selected for a 2015 Wyoming bison license are not eligible to hunt bison on the National Elk Refuge this year.

Eligible hunters interested in obtaining a Refuge bison hunt permit begin their application process by visiting the Wyoming Game & Fish Department’s Private Lands Public Wildlife Access Program web site. A direct link to the online permit application is also provided on the bison hunting page of the National Elk Refuge’s web site.

Bison hunters have from July 13 through July 31 to apply for a Refuge permit, initially applying for only one bison hunt period. The results of the computerized random draw will be posted on the application web site by 11:00 am on August 5. The online system will continue to be active after 11:00 am on August 5 to allow hunters access to any leftover and alternate permits later in the season. A thorough description of the application process, along with bison hunting information, hunt periods, regulations, and a map, is included in a four–page brochure available on the Refuge’s web site or at the following Jackson, WY locations:

  • Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center, 532 North Cache Street
  • Wyoming Game & Fish Department Jackson Regional Office, 420 North Cache Street
  • National Elk Refuge Administrative Offices, 675 East Broadway Avenue

Bison hunt management on the Refuge is designed to achieve optimum herd size as determined through a cooperative effort between the National Elk Refuge, Grand Teton National Park, and Wyoming Game & Fish Department managers. This year’s bison season is scheduled for August 15, 2015 through January 15, 2016.


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