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Game and Fish finds CWD in new Deer Hunt Area near Sheridan

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wyoming_game_and_fish_medium_16_0The Wyoming Game and Fish Department recently euthanized a white-tailed deer exhibiting signs of chronic wasting disease (CWD). The deer tested positive for CWD, which is a fatal neurological disease of deer, elk and moose. The white-tailed deer was found in deer hunt area 24 – an area flanked on three sides by deer hunt areas where CWD was previously documented. 

The buck was euthanized by Game and Fish personnel on November 16, 2016 about 2.5 miles southwest of the town of Big Horn. 

“We appreciate anyone reporting an animal that appears to be sick and appreciate the help of the public in monitoring the health of the public’s wildlife,” Scott Edberg, Deputy Chief of the Wildlife Division, said. Consistent with the Centers for Disease Control Game and Fish does not recommend people eat deer, elk or moose that test positive for CWD.

Game and Fish personnel continue to watch for cervids that appear sick. Game and Fish also continues to collect samples of deer, elk and moose through hunter field checks and at CWD sampling stations. Game and Fish personnel collect and analyze more than 1,600 CWD samples annually throughout the state. 

Hunters who wish to have their deer, elk or moose tested for CWD outside of the department’s CWD surveillance program can to do so by contacting the Wyoming State Veterinary Lab at (307) 766-9925. Hunters should be aware that it may take a few weeks after their animal is sampled to get their test results.

For more information on chronic wasting disease transmission and regulations on transportation and disposal of carcasses please visit the Game and Fish website at:

Town Square Lighting

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town squar lightsThe Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce will present the annual Town Square Lighting Ceremony on tonight from 5:00-7:00pm on Jackson’s Town Square. This favorite holiday event features a visit from Santa Claus, holiday music and Christmas carols from the Jackson Hole Community Band and Jackson Hole Chorale.

Thousands of LED bulbs will be wrapped around the famous elk antler arches and strung around the stately trees. The lighting of the Town Square is a breathtaking moment as the bulbs sparkle to life. Children and families delight at the arrival of Santa Claus who enters with a team of sled dogs from Jackson Hole Iditarod.


Christmas tree tags and Holiday shopping at the Pinedale Ranger District

November 26, 2015 Uncategorized No Comments

A permit is required to cut Christmas trees or firewood on the Forest. Christmas trees up to 12-feet in height require a $10.00 permit. Tree permits for evergreens between 12 – 25-feet are $15.00 and any tree over 25-feet requires a $25.00 permit. You must have the permit in your possession at the time of cutting.

Fourth grade students are eligible for one free Christmas tree cutting permit with a valid paper or durable Every Kid in a Park pass. The tree permit is good for trees under 12-feet and the fourth grader must be present at the time the permit is issued. To get your free Every Kid in the Park pass go to  and complete the application process, or come into the Forest Service office and we will complete it with you online.

Cutting or removal of forest products is prohibited in campgrounds, summer home sites, administrative sites (guard stations), ski areas, designated Wilderness Areas, and elk feed grounds.

Office hours are typically Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Also the Pinedale Ranger District will be open on Saturday December 12, and December 19, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Remember to come by the District Office for holiday shopping as well. From November 27 through December 24, 2015 the Forest is offering 20% off on all our Grand Teton Association (GTA) items. If you are a GTA member, you receive 25% off all items. There is a wonderful supply of books, maps and children’s items and the proceeds directly benefit interpretation and education on the Forest. 

As an added service to the recreating public, the Pinedale District office is a permitted selling agent for Wyoming State snowmobile tags. Wyoming law requires that all snowmobiles must have either a current Wyoming Resident or Nonresident user fee decal prominently displayed on the outside of each snowmobile. Each permit is thirty-five dollars.

For more information about Forest Service products offered, contact the Pinedale Ranger District at 307- 367-4326.


Business Council recommends $2.9M grant for Laramie

November 24, 2015 Uncategorized No Comments

PrintBusiness Council recommends $2.9M grant for LaramiThe Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors unanimously recommended approval of a $2,935,924 grant request for the construction of a Laramie manufacturing building during its Monday meeting in Cheyenne.

The city of Laramie applied for the Business Ready Community, Business Committed grant to build a 15,500 square foot facility for Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts, an international supplier of tungsten components for military, industrial engineering and medical markets. The San Diego, California, manufacturer announced in August it was moving its China-based production of tungsten fragments and penetrators to Laramie.

“This is one of those manufacturing (companies) that I think we’ve been looking for in Wyoming for some time,” said board member Pete Illoway.

The recruitment of Tungsten Heavy Powder addresses growing demand in Laramie for high-paying, vocational jobs, added Laramie City Manager Janine Jordan.

Tungsten Heavy Powder committed to creating 25 jobs when it opens and doubling its workforce in the following five years. However, CEO Joe Sery anticipates exceeding both those totals.

“Since we announced our plan to open a facility in the U.S. we’ve had more customers coming forward.” Sery said. “I have no doubt we will exceed the employment we have committed to.”

Sery visited a number of Wyoming communities before deciding Laramie was the best fit.

“(The Business Council has) been working with this particular business for almost a year,” said Shawn Reese, chief executive officer of the Business Council. “This will bring a new manufacturing business from China to the state of Wyoming.”

The grant money will be exceeded by local and state taxes combined with the lease and eventual sale of the building, Reese added.

The Business Council is the state’s economic development arm. The agency administers the Business Ready Community Grant and Loan Program. The program provides money for publicly-owned infrastructure – like buildings, roads and sewers – that serve the needs of businesses and promote economic development within Wyoming communities.

State statute requires the Business Council board to forward grant recommendations to the State Loan and Investment Board for final approval. The SLIB is comprised of the five statewide elected officials: the governor, secretary of state, state auditor, state treasurer and state superintendent of public instruction.

The Business Council board’s recommendations will be presented to the State Loan and Investment Board at 8 a.m. on Dec. 10, 2015, in Room 1699 of the Herschler Building.


Final Rural LDR’s Posted Online

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Comp-PlanThe Final Draft of the rural area LDR and zoning map updates has been posted to the ‘Rural LDR Updates’ page of The Final Draft is the result of Board of County Commissioners direction through October 22, 2015. A table of the Board’s direction that also include notes from staff on implementation of that direction is posted with the Final Draft.

The Board of County Commissioners will consider adoption of the Final Draft at a continuation of their hearing on the Rural LDRs scheduled for 1:30 pm, December 15, 2015 as part of their regular meeting. In order for public comment to be included in the review materials for the meeting please submit them to by noon on December 9, 2015.

Rural LDR Adoption Schedule

·         December 9, 2015, noon: Staff report for December 15 meeting published, submitted comment on final draft will be included with meeting materials.

·         December 15, 2015, 1:30 pm: Board of County Commissioners hearing to consider adoption of the Rural LDR updates, Zoning Map amendments, and Teton County Scenic Preserve Trust Resolution updates.

·         April 1, 2016: Proposed effective date of the Rural LDR updates and zoning map amendments, in the time between adoption and effective date an applicant will be able to apply under the current or update LDRs.

The Snow Closes Roads on the Bridger-Teton National Forest

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The Snow Closes Three Jackson area Roads on the Bridger-Teton National Forest


 The Jackson Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest announced that the Granite Creek road and the Mosquito Creek road, south of Jackson and the Shadow Mountain road, north of Jackson will be closed on November 24, 2015. These roads are currently not passable by vehicle and with more snow predicted on Wednesday, it is prudent to close the gates before the Thanksgiving holiday, when people might be tempted to drive these roads in search of Christmas trees.


The Fall Creek road will remain open to vehicles.  All roads will be closed on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 when the winter travel restrictions go into effect on the Forest.


Every year the Forest hears of a motorists caught on a Forest road during a severe blizzard or storm. The results can be traumatic and/or fatal unless you are prepared. Make sure you check with local authorities such as the local Forest Service Offices about road conditions before you set out on your trip. Most Forest Service roads of the Bridger-Teton National Forest are covered with deep snow and are not maintained, and are impassable during the winter. Also check current and forecast weather conditions before beginning your trip.


Many people are unaware of the hazards of winter travel. Harsh conditions of wind, cold, snow, or whiteout can turn an outing into a tragedy. Knowledge of the area, weather, route and the limitations of your body equipment, and vehicle or snowmobile plus a little common sense can ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.


Layers of clothing which can be adjusted to prevailing conditions are best. Avoid tight fitting clothes and boots that may restrict circulation. Take extra socks and gloves or mittens, warm cap, matches in a waterproof container, fire-starter, nylon cord, general purpose knife, high-energy food, plastic tarp, space blanket, signal mirror, first aid kit, wide tape for repairs and metal container for melting snow.


Snowmobilers should be certain to have wrench pliers, extra sparkplugs and drive belt, and a spare ignition key. Experienced snowmobilers always carry snowshoes (in case of machine failure), as well as the normal emergency and survival gear for winter.

As always, the Bridger-Teton reminds visitors to the National Forest to make sure they have told someone of the planned outing. Before you leave, notify a responsible person of:

•         Your planned route of travel. Mark it on a map for them.

•         Your planned departure time.

•         Your planned time of return-be sure to check back in.


When someone is overdue, keep calm. Notify the County Sheriff or District Ranger in the trip area. Either the county Sheriff or District Ranger will then take steps to alert or activate the local search and rescue organization. If the missing person returns later, be sure you advise the Sheriff or Ranger.


The Bridger-Teton National Forest is vast, but in some areas those traveling by skis, snowshoes, and snowmobiles must share the same routes and areas. Common sense and courtesy will provide a safe and pleasant experience for everyone. 

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