News October 19, 2015

Council Considers Canine Parks

by Jackson Hole. Media


Since “Sophie’s Place” Dog Park closed to make room for the Housing Authority’s Grove project, the search has been on for a permanent place, or places, for pooches to play.


This afternoon, the Town Council will review recommendations from the Teton County Parks and Recreation Board about several possible solutions.


These solutions include the grassy area at the US Post Office on Maple Way. Staff says that the site is easily accessible, but the agreements needed with the Postal Service could take up to two years to go through the process

Parks and Rec staff also recommends a winter-use off-leash facility on the grassy area of the Town owned rodeo grounds currently leased to the Teton County Fair Board/Teton County.

Another recommendation is to use the Melody Ranch Pathways trailhead parcel as a permanent location for a County dog park facility. Staff says the location provides easy access from highway 89, and would require little site disturbance, no change of use, and low cost. This site would need approval of the Teton County Commissioners.

The meeting is at 3PM at the Town Hall.


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  • This community is facing a liability of $10 million for the slide. Government is clearly preparing to saddle us with tens of millions more to provide housing for those they hope will vote for them.
    The fact that they will even consider spending tax money on a dog park is a clear sign that they will accept no limits on spending OUR money.
    Santa and his Elves are in charge in Teton County. Get in line with your wish list.

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