News November 23, 2015

County Shoots Down START Ideas

by Jackson Hole. Media



When the county invited new Start Director Darren Brugmann to brief them on the new bus initiatives, he gave them an update on a faster town shuttle rout that would be in addition to the existing route and also talked farther afield about negotiations with Teton County Idaho on participation with their Park and Ride Program, Vanpooling initiative, and even inviting a Teton Valley resident to serve on the START board.


Brugmann said that Driggs was seeking several thousand dollars to maintain their parking lot that is used by commuters and that perhaps START may help them.


But Deputy County Attorney Keith Gingery, who said liability quickly shot down the ideas of any START aide over the Spud Curtain and state statue prohibited such arrangements.


The Town of Jackson operates the START Bus and the meeting was considered a courtesy review. No telling if the town will pursue cooperation with our partners in Teton Valley.

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  • Idaho residents who work on this side of the pass pay taxes in Idaho, including excise taxes on gasoline, sales taxes, and a 7.8% income tax. Can someone please explain to me why WE are expected to pay the government in Idaho for infrastructure that provides employment for citizens of that state?

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