News December 22, 2015

County Approves LDRs

by Jackson Hole. Media

This morning, the Board of County Commissioners unanimously adopted the rural area Land Development Regulation and Zoning Map updates, along with a revised Teton County Scenic Preserve Trust Resolution.

The rural amendments are the first LDR and zoning updates adopted to implement the Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2012. Their adoption is the culmination of a three year process that began in early 2013 and has included numerous public workshops, open houses, and hearings. The Board of County Commissioners thanked staff for its support throughout the process and credited the continuous public input for the quality of the final product.

The rural LDRs and zoning direct about 2,500 residential units out of rural areas of wildlife habitat, scenery, and agriculture. This shift enables the community to achieve its target of locating 60% of future growth in Complete Neighborhoods, the largest of which is the Town of Jackson. The rural LDRs and zoning also provide incentives for the conservation of wildlife habitat, habitat connections, scenery, and agriculture that will result in a better development pattern for wildlife than the base development rights allowed by state statute.

The updated rural area LDRs and zoning will become effective on April 1, 2016. Final modifications to the November 20 draft of the rural area LDRs and map that were included as part of the adoption motions can be found onĀ As soon as the final modifications are made, the adopted regulations will be posted. From the time the adopted regulations are posted, until April 1, an owner will be able to apply for permits under the old or new regulations. Beyond April 1 only the new regulations will apply.

In the new year staff will provide materials to assist the community in its transition to the new standards. Please direct any questions to Alex Norton.

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