News December 8, 2015

Stalemate On Taxes

by Jackson Hole. Media

tug of war between businessmen

The Town Council and County Commission met in joint session Monday to get an update on Transit and housing plans as they prepare to ask the taxpayers for more money to help pay for what they call community priorities. But when it came time to move to a solution, county commissioners voted for a 1 penny additional sales tax. That vote passed 3-1 with Paul Vogelheim opposed. The town council moved for the one-penny tax but the vote failed on a 2-2 tie. Don Frank and Jim Stanford voted in favor while Mayor Sara Flitner and Bob Lenz voted no. Instead, they favored using a more limited special purpose excise tax. The SPET tax has been used to fund numerous items and is currently part of the 6cents sales tax.

The council and commission must agree before a tax can be placed on the ballot. Council Hailey Morton-Levinson is away.

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