News January 12, 2016

Grove Stalls Over Commercial

by Jackson Hole. Media


Grove PhotoThe Grove affordable housing project has hit another roadblock at the county commission and it is over the four commercial spaces on the ground floor of Phase 1.

When the Teton County Housing Authority traded land with the Town of Jackson for the START bus facility, it ended up with the Grove parcel and a fully approved development plan. That plan was approved under the now defunct Planned Mixed-Use Development Tool and requires commercial on the site.

Originally the Housing Authority was to move their offices to the Grove, which was a condition of approval. The other spaces were intended to be leased as a way to generate revenue for the agency.

Now, however, the County wants the Authority to ignore the Town’s condition, find a different location and potentially convert the commercial space into apartments. This has confounded those who committed to leases for the space as long ago as last July.

Russ Asbell, whose daughter was slated to open a business there, told the commission to, “Poop or get off the pot.” He said the delay was costing them money.

The Housing Authority has had the money lined up to finish the commercial spaces, which currently have only dirt floors, since last year. That is when they obtained financing for 420,000 dollars to put concrete floors in. The commission must sign of on contracts for the Authority so no construction can take place until they do.

The item was slated for a vote at Monday’s meeting but was moved to a ‘discussion item’ on the agenda. Planning Director Tyler Sinclair told the officials that the only option to change the commercial spaces to residential was to ask the town to change the zoning, a process that could take five to six months.


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