News February 1, 2016

Fire Station Renovation Discussed Today

by Jackson Hole. Media

Fire Station 1 PropIncreased call volume and an aging facility means that Fire Station Number 1 on Pearl Street needs a mult-i million dollar renovation.

In 2012 a study on the station showed that liabilities such as potential carcinogen exposure to staff, logistics in moving equipment, and greater space for additional staff made a renovation necessary.

Today the Town Council and County Commission will look at design documents and decide how to proceed on the project that is estimated to cost about 4 million dollars.

The plan would create an additional 9600 square feet of space including a 200 square foot basement and a second floor totaling about 7500 square feet.

Special Purpose Excise Funds were previously approved in the amount of 2.5 million dollars and cost projections from 2012 were between 5 and 7.5 million. Streamlining the project is expected to knock that price down to 3.9 million.

Fire officials will have to relocate during the renovation project.

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