News February 10, 2016

South Park Loop Pathway Before Commission

by Jackson Hole. Media

Teton County BWTeton County Engineering will be presenting the “50% design” and Study Phase Report for the South Park Loop Connector Pathway project at the Board of County Commissioners meeting next Tuesday, February 16, at 9:00 AM in the County Commission Chambers. The meeting will provide elected officials and the public the opportunity to review and comment on the preliminary alignment for the 1.9-mile pathway proposed along South Park Loop between 3 Creek Ranch and Melody Ranch.

Nelson Engineering, the consultant retained by Teton County to design the pathway, has completed the initial phase of project engineering and design, incorporating input and background work collected during the public outreach and initial planning phase conducted between October 2015 and January 2016.

The public outreach phase consisted of two public open houses and a workshop with the Board of County Commissioners in October and November 2015 where various alignment options and design alternatives and associated potential impacts were discussed. Building off the public outreach phase, the preliminary planning phase included investigation and inventory of site conditions such as wetland delineation, topographic survey, tree survey and assessment, and geotechnical investigation.

The civil design process started in earnest in early 2016 with the project design team field visit in January and development of the conceptual design through early February 2016. The information obtained during these preliminary phases was used to prepare a Study Phase Report and Plan Set which documents pathway alignment, corridor constraints, location and design of pathway crossings, possible utility conflicts, and impacts to trees.

The 50% design review at the February 16th BCC meeting will provide direction to staff and the project team to continue the design process with the intent of completing design by early April and starting construction in June 2016.

All project documents, including the Study Phase Report and Plan Set are available on the Teton County website at ranch/253355/. A staff report for the February 16th BCC meeting will be available on the County website ( by Thursday, February 11th. The public is invited to submit comments on the 50% design to or directly to the Board of County Commissioners at

Project History and Description

The South Park Loop Pathway is the 10-mile loop that circles South Park along US Highway 89 and South Park Loop county road. It was identified in the 2007 Jackson/Teton County Pathways Master Plan as a top-10 priority project. In 2006, Teton County voters approved $947,000 in Specific Purpose Excise Tax funds towards construction of the South Park network. These funds were used to leverage federal grants and private funding to construct 2.2 miles of pathway as well as improvements at High School Road and the bridge over Flat Creek near Melody Ranch. The only uncompleted segment in the approved plan is the 1.9-mile stretch on the southwest corner of South Park Loop road between Melody Ranch and 3 Creek Ranch. Local voters approved $3.5 million SPET funding in 2014 for design and construction of this segment. Design work is planned for winter of 2015-2016, with construction planned for 2016.

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