News March 23, 2016

Elk Antler Hunting Parking Changes

by Jackson Hole. Media

elkhornThe National Elk Refuge recently announced a change in regard to Refuge access and travel when wintering wildlife closures are lifted this spring. For many years the Refuge allowed people interested in accessing the National Forest on May 1 to line up on the Refuge Road beginning April 30. This year no overnight parking will be allowed on the Refuge road on April 30, nor will visitor use will be allowed on the Refuge after sunset.

In an effort to minimize disruption to residential areas of East Jackson the Town Council has requested that several temporary No Parking zones be established in East Jackson on Broadway, Nelson, Rancher, Absaroka, Wapiti, Redmond and Simpson. Parking will not be permitted in these zones beginning at 6:00pm on April 30. This restriction, applying to both visitors and residents alike, will remain in place until 12:00am on May 1.

“We anticipate that between 100 to 200 vehicles, many with horse trailers, will be looking for a place to park as close to the Elk Refuge Road as possible in order to access the National Forest,” said Police Chief Todd Smith. “Many of the streets closest to the Refuge entrance are located within residential areas and in an effort to prevent disturbances in these neighborhoods we will be educating visitors and enforcing this temporary No Parking rule.”

Parking in the Town of Jackson near the entrance to the Elk Refuge on April 30 will be extremely limited. Antler collectors are encouraged to stage at any of the public parking lots in town including the Home Ranch Lot, the Deloney Lot, the Phil Baux Lot and the Fairgrounds Lot.

“The intention is to encourage elk antler collectors to find more appropriate places to park or have them seek lodging for the evening rather than parking in front of homes and potentially causing disturbances for local residents in surrounding neighborhoods,” said Town Manager Bob McLaurin.

The goal of the Police Department is to maintain a high level of quality of life for Jackson residents in the least obtrusive manner possible. In an effort to keep the streets clear of vehicles until midnight on May 1, residents are encouraged to plan on parking their vehicles their driveways and visitors are advised to park in public lots throughout town or to seek lodging at a local hotel.

For more information on these temporary No Parking zones and public parking locations please contact the Jackson Police Department at (307) 733-1430 or visit the Town of Jackson’s website at


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