Top Stories July 18, 2016

Gondolas, Observatories, & Zip lines, Oh My

by Jackson Hole. Media

Snow King Mountain Resort’s master plan will be up for discussion at the Town Council Workshop today.

At about this time last summer, the town was notified that the master plan would include some development of town-owned property.


The plan, developed in 2014, could see a permanent performance facility at the baseball diamond. That space is utilized several times each summer for concerts.

Also shown in the area, known as the West Portal, might also include a new gondola and a zip line as well as a reconfigured parking plan.


Much of the plan would occur on Forest Service land, including an observatory, more zip lines, and expanded skiing and trail development.

The Forest Service will be at the meeting, which begins at 3 at the town hall, to hear comments from the town.

To see the masterplan, click here:

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