Top Stories July 6, 2016

Lenz, Stanford Delay School

by Jackson Hole. Media


At a Town Council that saw the Airport sewer connection approved, it was a much bumpier flight for the Munger Mountain School sewer connection request.

The Teton County School Board chose the new school site on Hog Island and has been criticized by a vocal group of citizens and a few elected officials.

Mayor Sara Flitner recused herself from the discussion as she has a professional relationship with the school. That left a four member group to make the decision, setting up a drama about the timing, and cost of construction of the school.

The school has been asking to connect to the town sewer plant or they will be forced to build a treatment plant on site.

Pete Jorgensen, former County Engineer, said the town should not allow the connection and that the school was in the wrong place. He suggested finding land in South Park to put the facility.

School officials say the Hog Island site was what they could afford and that they will build the school whether they connect to the sewer or not.

Councilmember Don Frank said the connection should be allowed but councilman Jim Stanford disagreed and called for a continuance of the issue for two weeks.

Councilor Bob Lenz concurred and noted that if the vote was not rescheduled it would surely fail on a 2-2 tie.

Vice Mayor Hailey Morton Levinson ended up voting in favor of the continuance and it passed 3-1 with Frank opposed.

The next opportunity to discuss the matter is in two weeks.




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