Top Stories July 19, 2016

Town Lets School Connect To The Sewer

by Jackson Hole. Media

Two elected officials that had blocked the approval of a sewer connection for the new elementary school abruptly changed their vote at the Monday Town Council meeting.


Jim Stanford, who has forcefully spoken out against the school proposal, decided to vote for the agreement to connect the facility to the Town sewer plant. “I’ve received a flurry of calls and emails on this issue,” Stanford said. “It’s a tough position that the council has been put in.”


Stanford said he appreciated the school board’s effort to find a good site. “I remain committed in working with the district in trying to obtain a better outcome for a school location.” He also said the location in the southern end of the county would need to include housing and commercial zoning. “If we are going to have a school on Hog island, we have to properly zone around it and have the type of development that will be good planning in the long run and not ad hoc sprawl.”


Stanford said that others will fight the location of the school at a state level.


Councilor Bob Lenz, who has also been skeptical of the location of the school, also voted to support the connection.


The vote was unanimous, with the Mayor recused due to a professional relationship with the school district.

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