Top Stories July 18, 2016

Town Might Break With County Over Dispatch

by Jackson Hole. Media


The Town of Jackson may seek an alternative to how it communicates with emergency services. Currently the Sheriff’s Department operates the dispatch center and provides the communications services for the Jackson Police Department.

In prior years, The TCSO would submit their annual budget for review and meet with the Town as part of that review but last year, they submitted a bill for dispatch services without the opportunity for the Town to review the amount before budget approval. This year the same thing happened and it has town staff rattled.

The town has been looking into potential alternatives for providing dispatch services to the Jackson Police Department. One outcome could create a new Joint Powers Board to make the services a separate entity that would contract with the Town and County to provide dispatch for the Jackson Police Department, the Teton County Sheriff’s Office and Jackson/Teton County Fire/EMS. That arrangement would give town and county elected officials equal authority in approving the budget.

The town could also contract with another county to provide dispatch, a move that could save money due to lower costs of living outside Teton County.

In the meantime, the town will sign a contract for the current fiscal year. The Sheriff will charge the town 750,000.00 for the services.



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