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Town Tears Down Hillside House

by Jackson Hole. Media

Ahead of a county-wide vote to fund repair of the landslide, the Town of Jackson demolished the broken house sitting above slide. The demolition is a matter of public safety as the house was in a state of disrepair and was dangerous to the public.  Town officials purchased the house after it broke in half as a result of landslide.


Westwood Curtis Construction, a Jackson-based company, has been contracted to provide demolition services.   They have a deadline of July 25, 2016 to complete the demolition of the house, cap utilities and lightly grade the parcel.   Construction workers will also be watering the site during the process to keep dust levels minimized.


The removal of this house will begin to reduce weight on the top portion of the landslide, which is still moving towards West Broadway, the Town’s water main line and the Town’s sewage line at a rate of a quarter of an inch to a half of an inch per month.  Removal of the home and regrading of the parcel is also a critical step for future efforts to mitigate the landslide.   This parcel of land will be the access point to the top of the slide for future efforts in stabilizing the Town’s portion of this landslide.

“It’s in the public interest to resolve this issue,” McLaurin stated. “Leaving that landslide hanging above our utilities threatens not only access to Yellowstone, but water service to the better part of West Jackson.”

The goal of the Town of Jackson in response to the landslide has always been protecting public safety, protecting public infrastructure and assets, understanding the local geologic condition, developing a plan to mitigate the slide, and funding that portion of the slide repairs that protects public infrastructure and assets.


For more information on the demolition or the landslide please contact the Town of Jackson at (307) 733-3932 ext. 1112, visit or the Town of Jackson’s website at


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