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Decision Day For District 2

by Jackson Hole. Media

Registered voters who live in the city limits of Jackson have until 7pm tonight to cast their vote on the District 2 zoning regulations that are being challenged by referendum.

Save Historic Jackson Hole, a planning advocacy group, set the referendum in place when they circulated a petition that sought to put the question to a vote.

The Town Council voted for the regulations after years of work and added back some of the commercial density that they had stripped from an earlier iteration of the laws. That action, adding 100,000 square feet of density for use as short-term rental, is what triggered the petition.

Other groups have supported the regulations and have been urging a ‘yes’ vote. The groups, like the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, say the additional square footage would yield deed restricted workforce housing.

Jake Nichols, Executive Director of SHJH, said ” Voting no can mean you are not convinced District 2 regulations will provide housing to those in greatest need. It means you are not comfortable with the commercial expansion entitlements and the negative impacts we’ve all seen they create”


Proponents say that in exchange for the 100,000 square feet of short term rental development – the community gets 50,000 square feet of deed restricted workforce housing.

SHJH has successfully battled town hall before when they defeated a proposal to create redevelopment in Jackson’s downtown.

All voting will be conducted at the Teton County Administration Building at 200 South Willow Street, Lower Level.

To vote you must be registered 14 days before the election or you may register at the polls the day of the election. If you are already registered to vote you do not need to register.

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  • I voted no. The problem is the Workforce Housing Bonus Tool. This tool allows an additional 1,200 units of free market housing including 100,000 square feet of short term rentals in District 2. There should be no unrestricted residential or short term rentals of any kind included in the bonus FAR. Jackson Hole is maxed out with people and cars and we should not be adding any development rights except for deed restricted housing and incentives for open space. The regs that are up for a vote on Tuesday include a bonus of two square feet of market residential for every one square foot of deed restricted residential. I would call that an attempt to “housing wash” an inappropriate expansion of unrestricted development rights.

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