Top Stories September 29, 2016

An Ugly And Angry Campaign Season In Jackson

by Jackson Hole. Media

When residents drove, walked or biked to work Wednesday morning, many were treated to a taste of the negative politics drifting through the valley this election season.


Most utility poles on several routes and on the pathways were adorned with signs that said, “Flaunt Your Money for Mayor”.


The signs attack Mayor Sara Flitner, who is running for reelection, presumably because she owns a local public relations firm. It’s a line of attack familiar to those following Pete Muldoon who is challenging Flitner. The signs appropriate Flitner’s logo.


Muldoon, however, flatly denied responsibility. “Haven’t seen them, and I have nothing to do with them.” He said in an email.


Whoever put the posters up was violating the law. Town rules make it illegal to place signs in the public right of way.


It’s the latest is this season’s campaign drama which has included charges of bribery, conflicts of interest, attacks on family members of candidates, and the release of a criminal record. There are even rumors of purposely leaked information and voter fraud involving out of town residents coming to Jackson to vote. All this with forty days left before the election.




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  • Jeez…..Stinks…Civics classes? ….start ’em now….Mandatory year or two of service after high school? This has got to change is all I know.

  • Town of Jackson has made it illegal to put up signs in the right of way. I’m sure that, going forward, this law will be strictly enforced. After all, we are a nation of laws.

    Meanwhile, in this “sanctuary city” where illegals are approaching majority status, certain laws that progressives have decided are “broken” are routinely ignored.

    I’m having a hard time getting worked up about some signs.

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