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Wastewater Treatment Plant Receives $224K Rebate

by Jackson Hole. Media


Lower Valley Energy issued the Town of Jackson a $224,592 rebate check for an energy efficient mixer project installed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The project, which was funded by the Town of Jackson, Teton County and the Energy Conservation Works, saved 915,300 kWh’s of energy use after the first full year of operation.  

“This mixer project came to fruition because of the continued effort by the Wastewater Treatment Plant operators to meet the Town’s goal of being 40 percent more energy efficient per gallon of wastewater treated and discharged through our wastewater treatment plant by 2020,” said Johnny Ziem, Jackson’s Wastewater Manager.  

As part of the project, 14 Gridbee Mixer units were installed in four treatment ponds enabling the Wastewater Treatment Plant to be a leader in energy efficiency.  Due to this project the wastewater treatment plant showed a 70% increase in efficiency in treating a gallon of wastewater.  This 70% number includes all energy sources used at the plant (i.e., propane, electricity).

“Many people have done a lot of work to get this done,” said Jim Webb, CEO of Lower Valley Energy.   “We are all in this together,” Web stated. “Lower Valley Energy tries to maintain the lowest energy costs in the country and this project saves everyone money.”

The goal of the project was three-fold:  to reduce energy consumption, to reduce energy costs, and to extend the useful life of the existing mixer equipment.  It was funded by three entities:  The Town of Jackson Sewer Fund, Energy Conservation Works, and Teton County Energy Mitigation Fund.

“This project was the product of the hard work and collaboration of many and represents the most significant energy efficiency improvement to date in Town and County operations,” said Phil Cameron, the Executive Director of the Energy Conservation Works (ECW).  “ECW is proud to be a partner in this achievement.”

A video outlining this project can be found on-line at:

For more information on this project or other energy efficient projects in place at Jackson’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, please visit the Town of Jackson’s website at or contact Johnny Ziem at 733-4203.   Information on other town and county energy efficiency projects visit  the Energy Conservation Works site at

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