- March 7, 2017

Town Seeks New Tax

by Jackson Hole. Media

Last night, the Town Council directed staff to prepare a resolution for Council action at the next available Town Council meeting supporting the creation of a new type of local general revenue tax for a specific purpose and to draft a bill for consideration at 2018 legislature.

The proposed tax would be “somewhere in between the SPET Tax and the General Purpose tax”, said Town Manager Bob McLaurin.

The issue was brought up by Council member Bob Lenz. The idea is that an initiative could be placed on the ballot to allow a general revenue tax that could be made permanent related to initiatives as general as ‘housing,’ ‘transportation,’ ‘street maintenance,’ or ‘park maintenance,’ etc. Additionally, it could be set up to allow two tenths of a percent for ‘housing’ and a separate two tenths of a percent for ‘transportation.’

The proposal was made in the wake of the failure of a ballot measure to levy another penny of sales tax the was to be spent on housing and transportation.

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  • The electorate just told these people that they DON’T want such a tax.

  • This needs clarification: apparently the Jackson Town Council is applying to the STATE legislature to pass a bill that will enable them to present a ballot initiative to levy such a tax.
    If that’s indeed the case, this needs to be fought at the State level.
    If true, it is also reassuring: the State legislature is unlikely to accommodate this leftist Jackson Town Council. But you would think that they know this, and would understand they are wasting their time.

  • They are insatiable.

  • What a great solution to our town’s housing and transportation issues !
    Yes go forward , please !

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