- April 4, 2017

Lotus Restaurant Escapes With Big Warning

by Jackson Hole. Media

It could have been the first time in memory that a restaurant lost its license to serve booze, but the Town of Jackson granted a reprieve and the town suggested an educational program for license holders to teach the basics of what’s allowed for operation of a restaurant license

In February, the Town Clerk became aware that Lotus was advertising itself as a bar in various media and was operating between 10pm and 2am.  The town sent a letter to the owners of Lotus advising them of the violation. Then the town received a complaint that Lotus was hosting parties with a DJ and collecting a cover charge to enter the restaurant and another notice was sent.

Another complaint and a police investigation that included body-camera video took place Saturday night, March 25, 2017 at the Lotus restaurant. A clear violation of Town and State liquor laws has taken place, based on the police report and the town held a meeting with the owner on Wednesday March 29 to discuss the problem.

But then On March 30, a posting on Facebook, spotted by town staff, for a dance party planned to be held at Lotus on April 8 from 10pm to 1:30am.

Lotus owner Amy Young appeared before the council last night explaining her case of misinterpretation, pre-booked advertising, and the like , and said she never intended to put the restaurant in peril.

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  • Lessons,really!
    Shouldn’t you have all this information before you apply for a license?
    Do we issue drivers licenses and then test people to see if they know how to drive?

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