Top Stories May 12, 2017

Districts 3 Through 6 Could Take Longer Than Thought

by Jackson Hole. Media

The updates to The Town of Jackson’s Land Developments Regulations are expected to take longer than expected.

In Wednesday’s budget meeting, town officials discussed funding for professional services to update Districts 3 through 6 of the 2012 comprehensive plan.

The draft budget proposes a lower amount than expected because the planners at the town think the process will take longer than first thought and that the work, and payment for it, will take place next fiscal year.

Town Manager Bob McLaurin told councilors that he made the lower budget recommendation because of a concern that they may not get all the work done by next June. “Based on our previous experiences, we get into these protracted planning and LDR’s, they just take longer than we hope.”

McLaurin said that if the work was completed before the end of the fiscal year, the budget could be amended to add funding.

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