- May 16, 2017

Housing Department Wants Input

by Jackson Hole. Media

The Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department is seeking community feedback on the services and programs it provides.

“We want to know what we’re doing well, what we can improve on, what people want us to do more of, and what people want us to do less of,” April Norton, Housing Director, explained. “Our job is to partner to provide workforce housing and to manage the almost 900 units we have now. If we are missing the mark on our services or missing opportunities, or if we’re hitting it out of the ball park in terms of the service we provide, we want to hear about all of that.”

The Affordable Housing Department has created an online survey to gather this information available at www.jhaffordablehousing.com. The survey takes a few minutes to complete and responses are anonymous. The data collected will be used to continue to enhance the programs and services of the Department. The survey is also available in hard copy format and in Spanish. Questions and information requests related to the survey can be directed to the Affordable Housing Department via phone (732-0867) or at the Department’s office located at 320 S. King Street.


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  • As housing units come up for sale, are you offering them to the Sheriff, the hospital, the school board, and similar organizations first?

  • As existing housing units come on the market for resale, do you offer them to the hospital, school board, Sheriff, and similar organizations first?

    • Justin, I’m guessing that deed-restricted properties which are hemmed in by multiple layers of eligibility requirements do not have a large pool of potential buyers when they come on the market. I would bet that the sellers would not appreciate the town/county further restricting their ability to sell, particularly since “owners” of these government housing units will not be able to make a decent return on their investment.

  • Bureaucratic empire building at its worst. They’ve shut down any possibility of small scale private sector housing solutions. They want to control housing in Teton County.
    And now they want to hear how much we like them. Probably, they want to gather positive input prefatory to asking for more tax increases to grow their empire.
    Here’s some input: how about you dissolve your growing empire and let folks like me put another couple of housing units on our property? YOU get out of my way, and I’LL spend the money, take the risk, and provide more housing. Taxpayers get to keep the money they earn.

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