- June 19, 2017

Mayor Loses On Prez Pics

by Jackson Hole. Media

After a number of residents spoke in favor and against the actions that Mayor Pete Muldoon undertook when he removed the official photos of President Trump and Vice President Pence from the Town Hall, the town council said that the portraits will return.

Ahead of Monday’s 3-2 vote, Councilwoman Haile Morton-Levinson underscored that any decision of this nature must go through the council for a transparent public vote. Morton-Levinson further instructed that picture of the president as well as that of the governor shall be displayed in the Town Hall.

Teton County Republican chairman Paul Vogelheim was quick to praise the vote,”Tonight’s discussion by the Jackson Town Council represents the very best of our community. Citizens with diverse opinions were able to come together and engage in a passionate, but civil dialogue,” said Teton County Republican Party Chair Paul Vogelheim. “Our form of government is much bigger than any one position, person or party, but our respect for our government and its institutions is instrumental to its survival.”

The scandal, which made it’s way onto FOX News, and MSNBC, among many others seemed to highlight a national rift between Trump supporters and Anti-Trump sentiment. Hundreds of emails were received by the mayor including at least on death threat.

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