- June 11, 2017

Muldoon Defends Pic Switch, Eastern Wyoming Rep Sends Message

by Jackson Hole. Media

Mayor Pete Muldoon defended changing the portraits for President Donald Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence to one of Chief Washakie, the leader of the Shoshone Tribe in the 19th century.

Muldoon said the change would keep the Town Council away from partisan politics and that he would have made the same choice with any president.

In a written statement over the weekend in which he said, “If Barack Obama was still president, I would make the same decision. There was a picture of Obama at Town Hall, and it was put up before I was elected mayor. I don’t believe it should have been displayed either. So I’ll be replacing presidential portraits with an organizational chart of federal, state and local government, which will make clear that the citizens, through Congress, are sovereign and create policies which the Supreme Court ensures are consistent with our Constitution and are subsequently executed by the president.”

Pete Muldoon


While the change will likely please many in the community, it, along with the town’s recent  adoption of a resolution to support the Paris Climate agreement, got the goat of another Wyoming politico.

Tyler Lindholm is a Wyoming State House Representative from Sundance who serves constituents in District 1 and he took to social media over the weekend to take a jab or two at Jackson elected officials. Lindholm posted a video on Facebook.

In the post, Lindholm said, “Did you see that the Mayor of Jackson proclaimed the town is going to adopt the Paris Climate Accord and then ripped down the photo of the President of the United States? I’ve got some advice for you, Mr. Mayor. Listen up…” followed by a three and half-minute video.


Lindholm also asked, “Have they (Jackson Town Council) passed a resolution rejecting any and all Federal Coal lease money from the State for their new school? Are they prepared to reject any local funding from the State that is tainted by Coal? They should be, otherwise their words are just that; words. Or was this just a simple publicity stunt to garner attention?”

Tyler Lindholm

Wyoming’s mineral industry has been troubled and monies paid to the State of Wyoming have dropped significantly and caused the state legislature, as well as towns and counties to tighten their budgets, very tightly in some cases.

The town’s relationship with the rest of the state has been difficult at times and some commenters on the post wondered if if the photo swap might antagonize representatives from other, energy-producing parts of Wyoming.

Lindholm’s video has been viewed over 60000 times since it went up on Saturday evening.

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  • Felon-turned-Mayor Muldoon has clearly stepped in it.

    We in Teton County can expect to pay the price for his little Leftist tantrum.

  • I think Bert Raynes should be up there. I know where to find a nice portrait of him!

  • I will give Tyler Lindholm credit. He’s well spoken and his video is well executed. I guess all the Hubba bubba aside, I’d like to know what are they real numbers regarding actual mineral revenues from coal alone currently annually, nothing else. Then I guess it would be interesting to place those side by side with the Tourism dollars generated in Teton County annually for a comparison. Another interesting comparison would be property taxes collected in Teton County compared to other counties in the state. I’m just not sure Coal is such a sustainable option anymore. I heard an NPR story with the mayor of Gillette touting the recent resurgence in “clean” coal production with the creation of 300 jobs? Really? seemed like a pretty meager number for such a huge industry.

  • Much respect Mayor Muldoon for standing up to what’s right in America instead of this constant abnormal drama of an illegal trump administration. He’s embarrassed our country, our constitution, and our way of life. #resist #loveofcountryoverloveofparty

  • If Jackson hole Wyoming remains an American town who will not respect the President, it will be a tourist free zone. My vacation to your town, mayor, is cancelled. I’m sure you will see like disapproval coming your way. President Trump free zone = tourist free zone.

  • You all think it’s brave until people start boycotting and cancelling vacations.

    It was a stupid dig that will have consequences.

  • That’s good, what he did removing the photos. We are not North Korea, and we’re not Germany back in the 30’s. His replacing it with pictures of Native Americans fits in well with the area’s history.

    One who calls the free press his enemy, who fires half the Federal Prosecutors and doesn’t replace them, and who brags about groping women – this is one who doesn’t deserve even the respect of the office – and the way he’s going, likely will not finish out his term in office. He’ll probably quit rather than face impeachment.

  • Thanks for the sway. Jackson Hole is now off our to do list. I’ll not return as long as Muldoon is in office.

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