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New Rules For Oversized Vehicles In Town Lot

by Jackson Hole. Media

The Town of Jackson’s oversized parking rules for the Home Ranch

lot recently changed. The oversized parking spaces in the municipal lot, located on North Cache

Street, are now available for buses, recreational vehicles, and vehicles pulling trailers only.

Previously any vehicle over twenty feet could use the oversized spaces.

These oversized parking spaces are intended to provide parking for the largest vehicles in the

Town. The change was made to ensure that the largest types of vehicles – RVs, tour buses, and

vehicles pulling trailers – have access to these spaces in the lot and can easily get off the main

thoroughfares, while passenger vehicles, such as pick-up trucks, have adequate access to onstreet


Additionally, the twenty-foot rule was changed based on enforcement issues, specifically that

many individuals do not know the precise length of their vehicle leading to unintended, honest

mistakes by the public about where they could park.

“These updated regulations are aimed to reduce confusion for individuals parking in the Home

Ranch parking lot as well as to assist with enforcement,” said Chief Smith, Jackson Police Chief.

New signage has been posted by the Public Works Department at the Home Ranch parking lot

reflecting these changes.

For more information regarding the parking rules at the Home Ranch Lot or at any parking lot

throughout town, citizens can contact Lea Colasuanno, Assistant Town Attorney at 734-3497.


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  • This town could make as many rules as they want. Nobody follows the rules, especially tourists, and the police don’t enforce them.

  • For years now the no parking areas in front of grocery stores,even painted red,seem to mean folks from Utah park here.

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