- September 19, 2017

Crossways On Snowcross

by Jackson Hole. Media

Fans and foes of Snow Cross ISOC will have another chance to weigh in on the winter-time event that was shot down by a majority vote of the Jackson Town Council last Monday.

That’s because the council decided to reconsider the item. Or least most of them said they would.

Town councilman Jim Stanford said it wasn’t the town’s fault that the Snow Cross Championship event was turned down. Instead he blamed an application that was not turned in soon enough for the council to consider, or even reconsider it and he said that his own personal schedule would likely trump any meeting to discuss the event.

The original request was made in part, by the Travel and Tourism board who noted that the event would have spanned two days at one of the least populated tourist weeks of the season and the proposal was put to the town in July.

At Monday’s meeting, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Anna Olson told the council that advance bookings are down by double digits for the upcoming December time period.

Mayor Pete Muldoon, Hailey Mortenson-Levinson, and long-time Snow King foe, Jim Stanford all voted against the original proposal in spite of organizers claims that it would inject between 2 and 4 million dollars into the local economy.

Noise was a concern for Mayor Muldoon, who has a band that plays numerous outdoor concerts in the valley. “I assume it will be heard through the valley”, he said.

Stanford, who has been seen by many as ‘anti-tourism’ said “Enough is enough.”

Mortenson-Levinson, after numerous calls to reconsider, moved to do just that. The meeting will be Monday at 6pm.

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