- September 1, 2017

Hiker Charged By Griz On Sawtelle

by Jackson Hole. Media

A hiker on the Lake Marie Trail south of Sawtell Peak near Island Park Idaho was charged twice by a grizzly bear. The hiker deployed bear spray and was able to safely get away from the bear. Hikers are warned to use caution if you go on this trail or avoid the trail for the next week or so to prevent another encounter with this bear. The bear could be defending cubs, or its food.

Bow hunters are advised to remove your carcass immediately, or if you have to leave your carcass move the gut pile away from the carcass so as not to attract bears. If you have to leave your carcass make sure you know where it is and you approach it with the assumption there is a bear on the carcass. You do not want to surprise a bear on your kill. As a courtesy to others in the area of your kill, put your gut pile at least ΒΌ mile away from a trail so a bear is not close to trails or other areas used by recreationalists.

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