News November 7, 2017

Special Use Permit Fees Adjusted for 2018

by Jackson Hole. Media

Grand Teton National Park’s Special Use Permit fee schedule will be adjusted for 2018. The adjustments include modest increases to permit fees for backcountry use, non-motorized boating, weddings, and special events. Permit fees for commercial filming, motorized boating, and other uses will remain unchanged.


Each year, park staff conduct a review of the special use permit program. The review compares the amount of fees collected over the past year for each special use with the operational costs associated with that use. The primary operational cost of each special use is staff time to issue the permits and conduct other activities such as maintenance, patrol, monitoring, or cleaning which may be associated with a particular special use. Other costs associated with special uses include printing, reservation software, and equipment.


Special Uses With a Fee Change Current Permit Fee Fee Effective January 1, 2018
Backcountry Permits* $25 $35
Wedding Permits $100 $125
Special Event Permits $175 $200
Non-Motorized Boat Permits $10 $12
Special Uses With No Fee Change
Motorized Boat Permits $40 $40
Commercial Film Permits (Less than six months) $275 $275
Commercial Film Permits (Six months to one year) $325 $325

*There is an additional $10 fee for advanced backcountry permit reservations made January 3 through May 15. This advanced reservation fee will remain unchanged.


The primary driver of the increase in backcountry permit fees is a change in the cost to utilize the online reservation system at The other fee increases are driven by other increased operational costs.


Park visitors are reminded that a no-fee permit is required for some other special park uses such as collegiate educational courses; protests, demonstrations, and other activities protected by the First Amendment; and the scattering of ashes.

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