News November 13, 2017

Town and County To Hash Out Housing

by Jackson Hole. Media

Town and county officials tonight will try to come to a decision on two key issues surrounding housing mitigation rules in the Land Development Regulations.

One unresolved issue between the town and county is whether or not businesses should be forced to mitigate for seasonal employee housing or only for year-round employees.

The county rationale for requiring mitigation for seasonal employees is that seasonal employees demand

housing as well, and represent a significant portion of the workforce. They have said that allowing or incentivizing seasonal housing through zoning is not enough and that developers and employers need to be required to house some portion of the seasonal workforce.

While the town agrees that seasonal workers create housing demand, but finds that seasonal housing will be provided by employers or can be incentivized through zoning.

The planning staff has recommended that only year-round employees be considered.

The Town and County are currently split on the issue of whether to exempt single family units less than 2,500 square feet from the housing mitigation requirement.

The town finds that even a small unit has an impact and everyone should pull their weight. The fact that a small home has a small impact is reflected in the fact that the required housing mitigation would be small.

The county finds that the exemption has been successful in removing a barrier to middle‐class households who can get a toe into the market housing pool.

Staff recommends that a fee apply to the construction of all homes in the Town and County.

Today’s discussion begins at 4 at the Town Hall.






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