News December 8, 2017

DEQ Employee Awarded Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts Presidential Award Water Quality Division

by Jackson Hole. Media


Last week, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) employee, Lindsay Patterson, Water Quality Standards Supervisor, was presented the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts (WACD) Presidential Award for her work on Wyoming’s water resources.

In particular, WACD recognized her work on the Categorical Use Attainability Analysis for Recreation. This analysis supported the change of recreation designated uses of many low-flow stream channels from primary contact to secondary contact.

Secondary contact recreation includes activities such as wading and fishing that are not expected to result in immersion or similar levels of contact with the water. Previously, these low-flow channels were designated for primary contact recreation, which is intended to protect immersion, swimming, or similar water contact activities. The United States Environmental Protection Agency approved the designated use changes in September.

“Lindsay has done a tremendous job in working for Wyoming’s water resources and with local districts to ensure that Wyoming is focusing its attention and effort on priority water resource issues and protecting our priority waters. We greatly appreciate her hard work and partnership,” said Bobbie Frank, Executive Director.

“We are proud of Lindsay’s hard work and efforts to properly classify streams and apply appropriate protections,” said Todd Parfitt, DEQ Director. “This award reflects her expertise and knowledge regarding this natural resource.”

Each year, at the discretion of the President of the Association, the President recognizes individuals and entities that have made outstanding contributions to Wyoming’s districts, the state and its natural resources.

“I am honored to receive the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts Presidential Award for my work on the Categorical Use Attainability Analysis for Recreation,” said Patterson. “Many, many people made significant contributions to the project, including WACD and Wyoming’s Conservation Districts, so I greatly appreciate the recognition.”


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