Top Stories December 5, 2017

Landslide Work To Hibernate

by Jackson Hole. Media

Contractors working on the Budge Drive Landslide Project are about to put the work on hold for the winter.

West Broadway Landslide Remediation Project Update


Budge Drive is open to the public. Budge Drive temporary access road is no longer open to the public.

A portion of the upper Hillside parking lot is open to the public, patrons are not to cross any protective barriers on the upper parking structure.

The Hillside temporary parking lot is currently open to the public. This temporary parking lot will remain open through the winter and will continue to service patrons of the Hillside commercial building.

The stairwell at the east end of the Hillside building, near Sidewinders shall be used to travel from Upper Budge Drive to Broadway. It is recommended that pedestrians not use Budge Drive to access Broadway.

The activities schedule for the week of December 4th through December 8th include contractor completing job site clean up for winter shut down.

Next Scheduled Information Update: April 2018

Construction actives are set to resume in Spring 2018 depending on weather conditions. When construction resumes Budge Drive will be closed to the public and the temporary access road will be reopened.

Please contact: Amy Renova, (307) 733-3079 ext. 1403 ( Town of Jackson Public Works Department, with any questions, concerns, or comments regarding this upcoming project.

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