- December 1, 2017

New Speeds on West Broadway

by Jackson Hole. Media

The Jackson Town Council, in conjunction with the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the JH Wildlife Foundation, have worked together to take some measures to help reduce wildlife vs. vehicle collisions on West Broadway.

In the next couple of days the speed limit will change from 35 mph to 30 mph starting at the Flat Creek Bridge west to Budge Drive. This corridor is considered one of the number one hot spots for wildlife collisions in Teton County and in the State of Wyoming. Over 3500 deer have been hit in Teton County since 1990, many of which died in this small stretch of highway. Not only does the deer get the short end of the stick, the motorist gets to pay a hefty bill to repair their car.

The intend of the slower speed limit is to allow motorists a better opportunity to see the deer and react before a collision occurs.

The TOJ will also be installing digital radar speed limit signs at within the corridor to help gain compliance from motorists. Law enforcement will be doing increased enforcement in this zone to help with the effort. Since this will be a change for our community who is accustom to going faster, we will be issuing mostly warnings for the first two weeks to help educate motorists. After the two week educational period we will start issuing citations to slow motorists down.

In addition, there will be new yellow and black advisory signs going up in the zone warning motorists that wildlife frequently crosses the highway in this zone. The signs will be equipped with LED lights around the sign that come on 1 hour before dark and remain on for 1 hour after sunrise when deer are most active and moving.

Lastly, the TOJ will be exploring adding new street lights to the north side of the roadway to help motorists see the deer sooner.



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