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Resident Asks Mayor To Resign

by Jackson Hole. Media

Jackson’s Mayor may be famous, but not every resident thinks it’s good for town. Following Pete Muldoon’s feature on the Colbert Show on CBS recently, at least one of his constituents has voiced her disapproval.

In an email sent to Muldoon this week, Ann Carter suggested the Mayor was hurting the community and suggested he was promoting the use of illegal drugs, namely cocaine.

“You are seriously hurting our town in the eyes of visitors and families that spend their hard earned dollars here in our town.” Carter wrote.

She said, “To endorse an illegal drug as he did on the Colbert show is inexcusable and he should resign as Mayor.”

Muldoon apparently responded to Carter and said his appearance was heavily edited and that he had no idea the piece would portray him the way it did.

Carter told Muldoon he needed to step down. “Please stop making a mockery out of us! Do the right thing for our community, which we are so proud of, and please resign.”

The full text of Carter’s email is here:

“Pete, thank you for taking the time to explain what happened on the Colbert show.

Unfortunately, your 15 minutes of fame since “picturegate” and the most recent disaster on The Steven Colbert Show has shown you how the media will use and distort your words solely for entertainment purposes.

With the Colbert show, you are now personally experiencing “Fake News” first hand!

Ironic isn’t it that a Democrat is now experiencing what the Republicans have been stating for years?

With all the negative press we have seen due to either your actions or remarks on TV, I think you are in above your head; and as Mayor of our fine town of Jackson Hole, it is time to step down.

When you agreed to go on the Colbert show, what was the reason? To keep dividing our town with more political anti -Trump rhetoric? Or were you hoping to elevate your own personal ambitions?

I thank you for your response that you had no idea that the Colbert show would “cut and splice your comments as they so please, and had you known, you would not have done the show” but unfortunately…it is too late; you hurt the very town you represent.

The idea of objectifying women and promoting cocaine are not acceptable nor amusing to the good citizens of Jackson Hole.

Even if you did not say it…your roommate or friend did. You have guilt by association.

My last question to you is: Just exactly what were you to gain on going on the Colbert show? Was it to stoke the fires of divisiveness?

Did you not learn anything from ” picture gate”? or was the allure of being on TV so enticing?

Our town is a wonderful place to live, with people who are the most caring and generous citizens in the nation. Jackson Hole is an awesome town!

Please stop making a mockery out of us!

Do the right thing for our community, which we are so proud of, and please resign.”







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  • Not gonna happen. Best job he’s ever had.

  • If you are so upset about this, call into the show. Colbert has done this type of satire for years, it is what he does. So get over it, stop acting like this is a big deal, it’s not.

    • Here’s a better idea: Wyoming Statute 15-4-110.

      Recall Muldoon. This is a game to him, and it’s all about HIM. He could care less that the rest of us are labelled “jackholes”. In fact, I think he enjoys it.

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