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Restaurant Gets Liquor Suspension

by Jackson Hole. Media

After three compliance failures of the liquor law prohibiting service of alcohol to a minor, a local pizza restaurant has lost its liquor license for 120 days.

The Town Council suspended the license of Pizza Caldera until June 4.

Pizzeria Caldera LLC dba Pizzeria Caldera failed each of their three compliance checks during 2017. The first compliance failure was on February 12th and a citation was issued to the employee-server who then attended 4 hours of TIPS training.

The second compliance failure was on August 13th and a citation was issued to the employee-server.

After two failures, the law requires all employees who serve alcohol to attend four hours of server training within forty-five days. Nine employees attended training given by the Jackson Police Department on October 3rd.

The third consecutive compliance failure was on December 27th and the owner, who both served and sold the alcohol, received a citation.

The code states, “If a business fails a third consecutive compliance check or a third compliance check in a Twelve- month period, the business shall be subject to suspension for a minimum of one hundred twenty days and shall be subject to revocation proceedings.”

The vote was unanimous.


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