- June 26, 2018

Christensen Secures Support of Wyoming Realtors in Treasurer’s Race

by Jackson Hole. Media


The Wyoming Realtors Political Action Committee (RPAC) endorsed Leland Christensen for Wyoming State Treasurer. Christensen released the following statement in response to securing the support of Wyoming Realtors.

“I am thrilled to have the support of Wyoming Realtors who are hard at work in communities across the state. Wyoming’s low tax, pro-development business culture is key to our economic future. Wyoming’s next State Treasurer is positioned to keep taxes low by making smart investments. By responsibly managing Wyoming’s money to increase returns on state investments, the treasurer can support balanced budgets that stave off the misplaced calls for a state income tax or real estate transfer tax.”

“Wyoming people deserve to keep their money in their pockets for the important things in life. I am ready to hit the ground running for Wyoming taxpayers and I look forward to working with Wyoming Realtors on projects before the State Loan and Investment Board, State Board of Land Commissioners and in the Treasurer’s office.”

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