- June 12, 2018

Gordon Announces Energy Platform to Power Wyoming Forward

by Jackson Hole. Media


With an eye towards protecting and promoting Wyoming’s energy industry long into the future, Treasurer Mark Gordon released a series of policy positions aimed at expanding export markets for Wyoming’s natural resources, localizing decision-making, streamlining regulations and driving innovation.

“Wyoming’s energy industry has long been the backbone of our economy and has served our state, people, communities, businesses and schools tremendously well,” Gordon said. “As the industry and markets change, so must Wyoming and how we approach protecting and promoting our natural resources.”

Gordon’s Power WYO Forward platform was released today and includes policy and regulatory proposals to foster and grow the state’s energy sector. Policy positions include:

  • Building Infrastructure to Export Wyoming Resources
  • Driving Advanced Energy Technologies
  • Streamlining Regulations
  • Localizing Decision Making – Working with Federal Agencies
  • Streamlining & Aligning State Energy Resources
  • All of the Above Energy Policy – There is Room for It All

Gordon noted the important role energy and natural resources will continue to play in Wyoming’s economy for years to come. He said the opportunity before us as a state is positioning Wyoming in such a way to capture more of the value chain than just the raw materials we have relied on in the past.

“Diversifying Wyoming’s economy and maintaining and advancing our core mineral industries are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they go hand-in-hand,” said Gordon. “Wyoming will continue to be an energy state for years to come, so it is our responsibility to not only be a part of the future of the energy sector – but to drive it.”

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