- June 12, 2018

Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum Speaker Series Thursday

by Jackson Hole. Media

The Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum continues its summer speaker series this Thursday, June 14th at 6pm. Dr. Spencer Pelton from the University of Wyoming will be discussing his archaeological research on the Powars II site in Wyoming. This site has been a source of fascination by archaeologists since the 1980s, when a remarkable collection of Paleoindian artifacts from an early 20th century collection came to the attention of archaeologists associated with the Smithsonian Institute and the University of Wyoming. Research conducted by George Frison (Wyoming’s own ‘Father of Archaeology’), George Zeimans, and Spencer Pelton has yielded thousands of Paleoindian artifacts eroding from the site, including over 50 Clovis points (13-11,000 years ago). The Powars II site is one of the largest Paleoindian assemblages in North America and truly unique in the world as the only Paleolithic example of red ochre procurement.

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