News July 3, 2018

Schwartz Launches “The State of Wyoming” Campaign

by Jackson Hole. Media


Representative Andy Schwartz (D) of House District 23 is seeking re-election to his third term in the Wyoming House of Representatives. As he has no opponent, Schwartz plans to launch a community-focused campaign called, “The State of Wyoming”. Through this effort, he hopes to create dialogue around the needs of Teton County residents and how this intersects with decisions made at our state’s capital.

“Campaigns are a natural opportunity to connect with constituents and learn about their interests and concerns so I can better represent them in Cheyenne. It’s also a chance to expand our communities’ understanding of what’s happening at our state’s capital and throughout the state. I wanted to still have this opportunity, despite being unopposed on the ballot.”


The State of Wyoming will consist of a four-part “community conversation” series focused on the state’s most relevant issues that affect Teton County residents: Economy, Education, Healthcare, and Conservation. The first part of each hour-and-a-half long session will focus on the featured topic and the second portion will be open time for question, answer, and discussion. In addition, Representative Schwartz will be making his way around the neighborhoods of his district, seeking one-on-one conversations with residents, in addition to featuring the campaign on Facebook.

Schwartz acknowledges a disconnect often exists between Teton County and the rest of Wyoming and hopes the campaign will help bridge this gap. “There are fundamental reasons for this gap – geographic, demographic, socio-economic and political.  It is important to understand how these influence our relationship with the rest of the state, and how we can improve this mutually beneficial relationship.


“If Wyoming wants to move forward, and Teton County with it, it’s important to create a deeper understanding here of statewide issues, and how we can help contribute to solutions.” Schwartz commented.


Andy Schwartz is a two-term State Representative for House District 23, which covers much of Teton County. During his four-year tenure he has been focused on mental health issues, protecting wildlife and public lands, and promoting the interests of local governments. In his current position as a member of the Joint Appropriations Committee, he plays a significant role in crafting the state’s budget.


A small business owner and resident of Teton County for over 40 years, Schwartz has a deep civic history in County 22 that extends well beyond his time in the Legislature. He split time serving on the Teton County and Town of Jackson Planning Commissions from 1992-2000, sat on the Board of County Commissioners from 2001-2012, before earning his seat in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Any and all members of the public are invited to join The State of Wyoming community conversations, the first of two are scheduled. Join Rep. Schwartz at the Jackson Whole Grover on July 18th from 12-1:30pm to talk about our economy and at Lift Bar and Grill on August 9th from 5:00-6:30pm to talk about education. Refreshments will be served.  For more details, visit and for live updates follow the campaign on Facebook @schwartzhd23.


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