News July 9, 2018

Wyoming Lodging & Restaurant Association Endorses Leland Christensen for State Treasurer

by Jackson Hole. Media


State Senator Leland Christensen has earned the endorsement of the Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association in his bid to become Wyoming’s next State Treasurer.

“Leland Christensen has a proven track record as a champion that protects and promotes a favorable climate for Wyoming businesses of all sizes to operate within,” said Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association Executive Director Chris Brown. “Common sense, practical solutions that focus on growing Wyoming’s economy have always been at the forefront of Leland’s actions during his time serving in the Wyoming Senate. That’s why the Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association is proud to endorse Leland Christensen as the obvious choice to be Wyoming’s next state Treasurer.”

Christensen responded to the news that he earned the support of hospitality business owners from across the state saying, “I am grateful for the tremendous support from Wyoming’s lodging and restaurant business owners and workers. Tourism and recreation combined are Wyoming’s second largest industry and a huge job creator for the state. There is so much exciting potential for job growth in lodging and restaurant businesses across Wyoming. As State Treasurer, I will fight to maintain a business-friendly tax climate and improve returns from state investments. That way Wyoming’s small business owners can focus on building great local businesses instead of facing an uncertain tax structure that discourages new business formation.”

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