- September 12, 2018

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Unveils New Brand Logo and Promise

by Jackson Hole. Media

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is pleased to share with its 900 plus members and the community a new brand identity supported by a new brand promise representing the full spectrum of work and programming the Chamber delivers year-round.

Visually, the Chamber brand was due for an update, so a committee of board and business members came together to review the existing brand and discuss the changing working environment and how this effects our future. The six-month process was led by Jackson local, Brand Strategist Mike Geraci and supported with design by Creative Curiosity from Wilson, WY.

The Branding Committee felt there was opportunity for greater relevance in the market and that the current position, while accurate and useful, was more a destination brand than an organizational brand. Given this situation, the Board asked the new leadership at the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce to reframe its position in a more applicable tone, voice, and style that accurately represents Jackson Hole’s new challenges and new opportunities. This rebranding effort is designed to reflect that.

To achieve this, the Chamber is repositioning from Respecting the Power of Place to Ride for the Brand.
“The brand is the essence of what Jackson Hole stands for: conservation, adventure, community and humanity. At the Chamber, when we ride for the brand, we are advocates and champions for the best of what Jackson Hole represents to our community and to the world” stated Tim Harland, Board Chair, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce.

Ride for the Brand is both a commitment from the organization to its members and to the community, along with an invitation for others to join the movement. A movement that is focused on maintaining the integrity and qualities of life in Jackson Hole while expertly and proactively addressing the new issues and challenges that make the market so dynamic. It is the external, market-facing expression of the organization’s mission and vision and the internal emotional connection day to day.

“It is a strong, forward looking sentiment that pulls from our western heritage with a focus on the future. It provides the organization direction and a clear vision to do what it takes to represent the best interest of our business community.” Harland added.

Supporting the new Brand Promise, is a new Brand Identity Package made up of a full set of visual elements including the redesigned logo and mark, updated branded color palette, typography and imagery. The custom designed mark was inspired by shapes and forms found in cattle branding marks. Combining the JHC mark with a bold display typeface highlighting the word “Chamber” gives emphasis to the commonality of the use of this word alone in dialogue. The brand identity was further refined by taking elements of the western heritage theme and combining them with a clean and modern execution of font and color.

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1967 by a group of local business leaders in order to better promote Jackson Hole as a travel destination. As the Chamber realized success in its original mission, its scope expanded to more traditional Chamber of Commerce activities, including advocates for the local business community. While its roots are still firmly planted in destination marketing organization framework and activities, its scope has expanded to be champion business and year-round economy. Businesses join the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce to give their business a bigger voice in community affairs and or be part of something bigger, a pillar in the community that is making a difference.

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