News September 10, 2018

North Pathway Sports New Interpretive Signage

by Jackson Hole. Media

A series of ten interpretive panels now dot the route along the North 89 Pathway, enhancing the recreational experience through messaging about the natural resources seen along the scenic trail.

The North 89 Pathway is part of a larger system of paved trails operated and maintained by Jackson Hole Community Pathways. Approximately six miles of pathway lies on National Elk Refuge land, from just north of the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center on North Cache Street in Jackson to the Grand Teton National Park boundary near the Gros Ventre River.

In partnership with the National Elk Refuge, Jackson Hole Community Pathways secured funding to design and install exhibits on the North 89 segment of the pathway, which serves as a connector between other routes within the Town of Jackson and Grand Teton National Park. The interpretive panels describe the role of the wildlife refuge in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, highlight key recreational opportunities, and portray some of the wildlife that can commonly be observed.

The majority of the North 89 exhibits are located in the two mile stretch between the Visitor Center and the spur that leads up to the National Museum of Wildlife Art. “We chose installation locations that optimize access for visitors and share relevant information while minimizing potential impacts to wildlife and Refuge lands,” explained Pathways Coordinator Brian Schilling.

“We’re pleased to have the additional educational opportunity to share with Refuge visitors,” added Refuge Manager Brian Glaspell. “Combined with the stunning views, it creates a rich experience for both cyclists and pedestrians.”

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