News September 12, 2018

Stilson Property Meeting Held By County

by Jackson Hole. Media

The Teton Board of Commissioners convened a special meeting yesterday with stakeholders from Teton County School District #1 (TCSD) and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) to discuss a potential Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) related to the Stilson area (formally known as Stilson Park Subdivision).


The proposed MOU laid out a process for potential transfer of 8.5 acres of land at Stilson, currently owned by Teton County, to TCSD for a school site/purpose, pending both analysis by TCSD and their formal process with the State of Wyoming. In addition, TCSD would convey a recently transferred 3 acre parcel in Teton Village back to Teton County.


County staff, as well as representatives from TCSD and JHMR, presented and commented on the proposed MOU, and the Board of Commissioners directed staff to work with all parties to modify the draft MOU based on the discussions that took place at the meeting.


The main ideas discussed in relation to the Stilson Park Subdivision and the subsequent MOU were focused on the following items:


  • Teton County Planning staff initiating the process of a zoning map amendment for the portion of the parcel owned by Teton County,
  • all parties involved working collaboratively on a potential new development plan for the area, and
  • removing the requirement that the parcel currently owned by Teton County be developed as “unlighted playing fields”.


Representatives and legal counsel from all three entities will now move forward with this direction from the Board of County Commissioners and reconvene at some point in the near future.


The staff report from yesterday’s meeting can be accessed here.


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