- October 4, 2018

 Marten Creek Fire Closure Area Lifted 

by Jackson Hole. Media

Effective immediately, the closure area around the Marten Creek Fire on the Greys River Ranger District has been rescinded by Forest Supervisor Tricia O’Connor.

It is the Forest user’s responsibility to know the hazards involved with traversing a recently burned area. Visitors should plan more than one travel route if needed to escape approaching fire, or avoid hot or smoldering areas of the burn. For some time during or after a wildfire, recreationists may encounter rapid and unpredictable spreading of flames, rolling rocks and logs, and falling snags and trees. Additionally anyone entering the area may experience heavy smoke and limited visibility.

Visitors are also cautioned that when using trails that traverse a fire area that they are doing so at their own risk. Fire weakened trees may fall at any time, and trails may or may not be passable due to falling trees and snags. “The fire may continue to smolder with small smokes in down logs and in the interior for the rest of the season,” said Greys River District Ranger Justin Laycock. “Forest fires can spring back to life with changing weather conditions so we are asking recreationists to remain vigilant in the area, and to be aware that larger or black smoke can be a warning to increased fire activity and potential danger,” he said.

For more information on conditions across the Bridger-Teton National Forest call https://www.fs.usda.gov/btnf/. For additional information, contact the Bridger-Teton National Forest at (307) 739-5500.

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